'Touch & Go' sample QC

Designed for simplicity

The Xpose™ 'Touch & Go' reader is a next generation micro-volume QC tool offering high-speed DNA, RNA and proteins quantification and in-depth contamination analysis. Pre-defined apps on the touch screen allow selection of traditional spectroscopy (A260/A280) or advanced spectral content profiling able to quantify isolated bio-samples while determining the amount of impurities present as real content QC.
Xpose slides are used for 2µl sample preparation on any bench and to preserve the sample prior to read-out. Simply insert the slide in the Xpose and avoid the repetitive drop & clean actions leading to a process time of less than 2 minute for 16 samples .

Flavour your needs
The Xpose systems of all three segments are identical in construction; the only difference will be the collection of apps present on the instrument at installation, and a logo sticker at the left bottom side.
The list of apps can be found on the links below. After installation, all apps from other segments, are available for download when they are of itnerest to the customer.