'Touch & Go' sample QC

Designed for simplicity

Xpose, Trinean, nanodrop, qubit

The Xpose™ 'Touch & Go' reader is the next generation micro-volume spectrometer improving both accuracy of DNA/RNA and protein quantification and ease of use.

What does Xpose offer that’s so good?

  • Shows contaminants and buffer components in your sample undetected by other readers
  • Accurately quantify DNA even in the presence of other interfering constituents like RNA (or vice versa for RNA samples)
  • Show traditional results like A260, 260/280 ratio etc
  • Analyzes 1 to 16 samples simultaneous in only 2 minutes
  • Requires only 2µl of undiluted sample
  • No evaporation or cross contamination using the dedicated Xpose slides
  • Integrated calibrationMinimizes the number of operational steps, just drop, insert & quantify

Flavour your needs
The Xpose software contains a large amount of application ready upon installation.
The list of apps can be found on the links below. Results are easily exported to a USB key, network or smartphone, or print it directly with our Xpose printer.


Xpose, Trinean, nanodrop, qubitXpose, Trinean, nanodrop, qbitqubitXpose, Trinean, nanodrop, qubit