The introduction of the DropSense™ 96 has improved the workflow for DNA/RNA quantification in our lab. The simultaneous measurement of multiple samples and the easy loading of the DropPlates saves us a lot of time. As we have many precious samples, it is a big advantage that only small volumes are required for accurate measurement. We enjoy working with Trinean because of their excellent support in communication and validation of new features, which is important for an accredited diagnostic lab like ours.

Kathleen Claes, PhD. Supervisor DNA laboratory, Center for Medical Genetics at Ghent University Hospital

Basically, we need less time to do more. The instruments, such as the DropSense 16, DropSense 96, Biomek liquid handlers, and the Fragment Analyzer help us tremendously in our daily work tasks, as they can be adapted to different sample and project requirements and different protocols and use consumables in a non-wasteful manner. We better understand what is happening to the sample, how the results are obtained, and what the results mean. We can follow the quality of the sequencing and the quality of the sample prep more closely. It gives us the possibility to do better and to do more for the same cost

Mojca Strazisar, Genomic Service Facility VIB-UAntwerp Center

Since we started using the Trinean DropSense™ 96 reader we have measured over 130 000 DNA samples. The full spectra analysis not only gives us DNA concentration but also presents in an easy to read graph if there are magnetic bead and/or hemoglobin contaminates in the DNA. The small volume needed and integration with a Hamliton STAR liquid handling robot gives us safe measurement and the high throughput we need. For measuring online high throughput extracted fresh blood samples in an easy way, this is a very reliable and easy to use solution.

Björkman Carita, Lab Manager, KI Biobank, Karolinska Institutet

We are really satisfied with the DropSense™ 96. It is not just that it gives good and reliable results with a small volume it has the advantage of analyzing many samples at a time. It is very easy and convenient to use so even if we are not going to measure 96 samples it is often the preferred spectrophotometer in our lab. When presented to me I was amazed by the cDrop™ software, how well it works, and the extra dimension it gives to the measurement. I highly recommend this instrument.

Kristina Lind, PhD, TATAA Biocenter, Sweden

"In our high-throughput environment we needed to accommodate the increasingly demand for a uniform, reliable and fast system to measure the concentration and quality of different kind of nucleic acid samples.  The DropSense™ 96 made it possible to gain efficiency and accuracy due to throughput."

Hubert Backhovens, Senior Principal Staff, Genetic Service Facility

Why we like DropSense is because it shows a complete spectral profile of your samples and with 90% certainty will tell you if the sample will work in sequencing or not. It is really crucial for PacBio, as well as Illumina mate-pair and PCR-free libraries. We did not do the Illumina comparisons ourselves, but allowed our colleagues from a sister Illumina facility to come and use our machine. 

Recently we have started to use DropSense for BioNano QC and it proves to be very useful there as well. 

Summa Summarum: it is good to have a wide range of QC technologies available at the lab. None of them can do everything, but every machine has its strengths. We do actually love our DropSense, it saves us time, money and nerves.

Olga Pettersson, SciLifelab, Uppsala Genome Center

In February of 2010 we received our Trinean DropSense™ 96 and it basically changed our life.  Prior to the DropSense™ 96, we were performing DNA/RNA quantification with a low-throughput instrument that was labor intensive.  From the day of install we were off and running.  The instrument is extremely easy to operate and the software is very user friendly.  We can now quantify thousands of samples in one day rather than weeks ultimately allowing us to take on more projects and get the results out to our customers much quicker.

Tara Reinholz, Research Assistant, Wayne State University School of Medicine

The Trinean DropSense™ 96 is a versatile platform that has significantly improved the analytical quality control of DNA and RNA with robust data. With its ease of use, accuracy, and flexibility the DS96 has increased our throughput and helped reinvent our analytical pipeline. The instrument performance and technical support exceeds expectations for instruments in this class of product. The DropSense™ 96 has become an indispensable part of all our nucleic acid workflows.

Brandon LaHart, Supervisor Automation Laboratory, RUCDR - Infinite Biologics